Lyrics. Lyrics. Lyrics.

Have not made much happen with the recording lately.  Started a new job and been really busy with many other things.  Was waiting for a part to arrive for my brother’s bass so I can finish that and also waiting for some lyrics to happen.

This week I have also been jamming with a drummer who is learning 5 of the songs so that we can play on October 21st in Cheyenne.  Super stoked on this….but it is going to be a lot a lot a lot a lot of work!

I am currently working on some lyrics.  as in right now.  It’s actually weird…when I write lyrics I just sing fake ones over the top until something sticks out.  And something did.  It is exactly what I needed.  While singing some fake lyrics, in fact singing the final song on the album and the final couple lines even – this line came out:

 “Your love is all I know”  

And since then, I have been working backwards from the end of the song.  It was just the inspiration I needed though to work from.  I think that sums up where I am in life.  I have stepped into many different emotions and many different faces throughout the years…from mini-bouts with depression, to trying to be super outgoing (didn’t work!!), to wanting to me some theological thinker (nope.) , to actually understanding and realizing my need for a savior, to not believing I am worth it to receive grace, and on and on.  All the different emotions, all the different trials.  Through it all.  The one thing I can say – is this Your love is all I know.  Maybe cheesy.  Maybe simple.  But really that is all that counts.  That we know the love of Jesus Christ.  And that is where I want to be with these songs.  I want them to represent some of the emotions I have felt the last couple years…good and bad.  But in the end, the only thing that I can truly, truly stand behind and sing about – is God’s love.

*Update – not the final lyrics, but pretty dang close:

Your Love is all I know

I find my hope in your arms again.
I find my rest in your arms….but confusion asks:

“How strong is your grace?
How deep is your love?”

Here is love, here is what I found.  It is not my works, it is not my strength that counts.
It is Jesus now.  I was Jesus all along.  It is Jesus.  For to the ungraceful I belong.

Sing, because it’s real.  If it is real, then I’ve lived a thousand sins more then grace should speak.
Let it replace the lies, that I have lived.  Let it be my words, be my prayers, be my love.

I walk so blind. So blind, so wrong of what the voice of grace can sing.
If love leads the way, if grace leads the way — these eyes should see and with clarity sing:

“Oh You are love.  You are love.
Oh take my life, take my words, take my songs, take my breath, to be your love.”

-Oh God  —  Be my love.

Your love is all I know.  Your love.
Your grace is all I know. Your grace.

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I have 2/3 of the guitars done.  Mainly just need to focus on doing lead guitar stuff.  But man….when I am listening to this, especially after hearing the lead stuff I am coming up with – it really moves me.  It puts me into a place where I am desperate to write.  I am not sure if I have written about what these songs will be about, but I am leaning towards calling this thing “A Conversation” or at least a starting place (might be a cheesy title, who knows).  But it is going to flow from a place of wondering what worth (if any) I could even think I have to God….and because of the way I think and act – I have no business even trying to enter the prescence of God.  and then taking that idea, struggling through it, and coming to the realization that I am worth something – not because of me, but because there is grace.  and there is love.

In the song “Author” by My Epic, the singer shares “I’m tired of trying to be, who you already say that I am – I am yours”.  And that sums up the place I am and have been for a couple years – really starting to understand the failures of who I am and at times beating myself up over it and not even wanting to try to accept grace for it all.  All in all, this cd – like much of what I write – will be about Grace.

Guitars –


I have been very intimidated by the guitars – I have drums done for 10 songs and doing the guitars means – not 10 guitar tracks, but at least 20 – closer to 30 when you include two guitar parts and a lead guitar at certain spots.  Throw some delay and other effects in there and I have been excited and reluctant to get started.  Many parts need to be written which will include much trial and error before I find separate guitar parts that work together in the song.

But – I decided I had to do it this weekend.  Summer is almost gone and I have a lot to do. Today I recorded “Guitar 1” and started on “Guitar 2”.  From this point, I will finish the 2nd guitar parts and the lead stuff at the same time for each song to make sure they meld alright.  It is fun jamming on my new vox as well as listening to the songs really start to come together.

My goal is to finish the electric guitars this weekend, and then move on to the bass.  From there I may have little things to do here and there (possibly piano, chimes, etc)….but then I need to get started on writing lyrics.  That will take a while, but it is one of my favorite parts (although frustrating too!!)

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Drums. DONE!

I had the drums done…but have added one more song to the mix.  Had an idea for a song and was messing with it today and am very glad I did.  Finger tapping and delay.  yum.

Am hanging with Kelli’s little brother this week, but hopefully can get my ideas organized enough to start doing the drums soon.  Then. Then. Finally.  I can move on to the guitars.


Finished the drums today.  I took the drums down so I would quit trying to get stuff right!  It is a hard to commit to the drum parts, but I believe I 95% of them just how I want them.  Probably the best it will be!  I am not sure when I will start doing the guitars and bass, but soon.  I need to get some of my messes cleaned up here before I can do that.


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I have been working on drums long enough…will be gone for the fourth as well as the entire next week…so I am trying to get the drums done before I leave Thursday. And I am getting close.  I made a few more changes to a couple songs, finished the ending of one, and then recorded three more this morning!!  Which means I only have one more song to lay the drums down for.  After that – I can move on to doing guitars which will be quite a bit of work as well.  It is a great feeling being this close to having the drums done.  I am hoping…just hoping that I can practice a little for the next hour and get everything ready and then tomorrow – finish it up!  (going camping tonight and have to get some stuff going for that this afternoon.)


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Good day.

I think that I am now officially half-way done with the drums…and that includes the hardest two songs.  So the mistakes I make from here on out will only be as a result of my lack of coordination… 🙂

So…4.5 drum tracks done and 4.5 left!  There is a part at the end of the last song that I think I will save until I have a better feel for the song.  I also like the idea of saving some of that for the very end since it will be tying the whole project together.  It is the grand finale and all that good stuff.

Added song quick guitar tracks to the songs I recorded today and they are sounding awesome!  It is hard to commit and say “this one is done”, but it sometimes gets easier once I add a couple guitar tracks and really hear how it comes together…and it makes me very excited to finish and let people hear it.  But also reminds me of how much more needs to be done before it is finished.  Overwhelming!!

*EDIT:  Listening to what I worked on today and there are a couple things I decided I do not like…so – try to get in and fix them!  Hopefully.  or redo them both completely.


***Another EDIT:  Fixed the stuff this morning quick – its cool, cause I like it even better now!  Hopefully get some time in tomorrow afternoon, but mostly done for today as I have an interview tomorrow and need to study and get a hair cut 😦


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Getting back to it.


After a couple weeks of not being able to do much, I at least banged around on the drums today.  I did not get any “keeper” tracks, but should be able to get a couple by the end of the week.  I decided to start working on the two tracks that will be the hardest to lay down.  The first starts with a pretty fast hi-hat, so it wears me out right away!  I practiced that one a bunch today and then got sloppy of course when I got tired…but tomorrow I should nail it fairly quickly.  My new amp rocks, and it has been a lot of fun messing around on that.  Worked on some lyrics as well as solidifying the first rack as far as guitar parts.  Not to the point of recording guitars for real yet, but trying to practice as I go along so that I am making sure the feel of the drums fit what the guitars will end up doing.  I would hate to get down with everything and realize a drum part does not make sense….which is still possible…but should, hopefully not happen.  All for now.


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Computer died.  But I have a new one. Just waiting on a firewire card before I can get to recording again.  Did some work for a wildlife firm to pay for it this last week.  Painted a house, sold some old gear, and a few other things to pay for a new all-tube guitar amp.  Major upgrade and pretty exciting for me!  My old amp is 13+ years old and still running decently, but it was time to invest in something a little closer to professional.  (although my old amp did rock pretty hard!)

That’s all for now.  Probably will not get any more recording done until next Monday.  And then – it is on!  I can hit it hard almost all week.  If I don’t get to blistered up or wore out, I should be able to get most of the drums done that I have left.

Drums for 3 songs done.  6 more to go!

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And it starts.


Today was my first official day of summer vacation!  I spent the last week working on getting the drums sounding good and miked up.  It is difficult as they are not amazing drums and even worse – the room is really small.  So it would detract from the sound of any drumset.  But it is what it is and I am positive I can get some good sounds out of this project.

Worked all day and almost got drums done for two songs.  I am super close on the second song…but by the time I was about to nail it – I was getting tired and what I thought was good was instead coming out sloppy.  I am pretty sure I will get it in only a couple tries tomorrow after I have rested my arms/foot.  The hard part about this is keeping myself from settling.  What I am aiming for is to have everything correct – in time with a metronome, every snare hit and kick drum hit in the correct spot….and it can be hard being so consistent with it, easy to say – well I did a double hit there instead of a single – it fits!  And that hit is in time with the song…but it is not consistent with the rest of the verse, so I need to change it.  That is where it gets very nit-picky.

In the end it will be worth it, but taking something from the inches between very, very good and perfection is hard.  very hard.  It is that rogue paint line in the corner that no one else will see.  It separates something from great to perfection.  No ones says this project has to be perfect, but I want to take it as close to that as I can – so if there is something I can do better, then I will.

Maybe that sounds tedious or boring…but I had a lot of fun! I am excited to get the drums finished and move on to the guitars.  It is a little ways off, but it is just really exciting to listen to the songs start to form.

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Our basement flooded last spring. This year there will be even more water…so I moved the drumset upstairs this weekend.  I have it all miked up now, but not ready to record yet.  There are many techniques to setting up microphones and recording, but the biggest rule of all:

Make sure your source sounds good.

If what you are recording sounds like crap – then you need to make it sound good before you waste your time (unless of course you want it to sound like crap).  These days there are ways to replace pretty much everything with a different sound, so technically someone could record a stick hitting a desk and then replace it with a real snare drum sound or something.  But I don’t like that.  I want it to be real and not just some pre-recorded sound that anyone could use if they had the money.

So – I need to get these drums sounding good so that I can get rolling.  As I am messing with the drums, I am also continuing to figure how each song will go.  It is tricky by myself – as with a band – it is easy to try something to see if it works…but by myself – I have to record some stuff and play along to see if some of my ideas will work as they seem to work in my head.  Sometimes they do.  Sometimes they don’t.  It is part of the fun.

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