Track 9.

I am rushing through this to get all the lyrics and stuff posted…I am really excited about this song and just wanted to share it!  Looking back on the theme of the album…I had the first two tracks talking about finding my worth in works and in track 3 – God saying that works are not enough- but he still loves me and made a way for me…  the album moves on from there along the same lines of talking about grace, works, perfection, desiring God, etc…Finally on track 8, I lay it all out – I fear God’s judgement in light of my mistakes.  And then Track 9 hits and I keep going with that.  In my mind, I wonder if my fears are actually coming true.  And then God answers.  I feel like this track is the climax of the whole album.  It was that last bit of lyrics I wrote and I really struggled with writing them.  And finally, while driving back from Cheyenne about a week ago – I was hit with the lyrics I needed.

The song actually goes back and forth between my own thoughts and God’s thoughts.  So I invited my friend Burke to sing the vocals on the God parts.  It just seemed to make more sense having a different voice since the lyrics were going back and forth.  He chipped in and helped out with the last few lines of the lyrics as well, which was fun too!  So we recorded it yestereday…it turned out awesome, and I am super stoked for it.

Track 9

I feel my voice is leaving now
My hands, they cease to feel
Could this be the start
(As talent sneaks away)

Have you taken my love
Left me talentless
Still running towards my crimes

Oh Son
Don’t live ashamed
Don’t live in fear
Live as the free

For you know my love
Conquers all
Conquers all
Still I made…
I made you to be more

I found my hope was leaving now
I have refused to seek you
I have refused to fight
You tell me I am not alone
I guess I believe it
I guess I can’t follow it
It’s just that I have always
Preferred to do things on my own
Again I fall short

Just Breathe.
Find my love
I know you fail
When you fail, oh when you fail
I love
More than you can believe
Just see

So take my life
I know it’s not the first or the last
Time I commit every thought to you
So take my life
I can only hope
I am not too far gone

You feel you’re too far gone
But I can tell you son
I still choose to love
I love you in your darkest times
When you turn away
Your darkest thoughts
When they consume you
Oh I will love you
Son, I have always loved you


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