Track 8.

Almost done recording, gotta catch up on recording stuff here.  Track 8 is one of the most honest songs I have ever written.  All my songs are very honest, but this one even steps it up.  It is about leaning on works instead of grace – and this fear that if I mess up enough times that God will take some of the things that I love the most away from me. Balance that with thinking I need to be perfect to be in a position of leadership.  It is a little more depressing…but the two tracks following it are very uplifting.

Track 8

Breath.  As you sing along.
It’s time to lead.
It’s time to be strong

Don’t let them see you now
For what you are worth
It’s assumed –
They could not ignore the dirt

Pretend.  That you are still strong
But really…you are just so afraid
Of failures found out

If I can’t be free
Could talent just leave?
Would my best be gone
Would this love be taken away

Would you take it all away
If I don’t turn around
Would you take it all away
If I just can’t turn around

I have always looked
I have always failed
I run two steps away everytime
I cannot lead
I cannot be you
Oh I worry
Would you take it all
If you take it all away
Could I still breath

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