Although I cannot pick a favorite song of all the songs I have written over the years, I would say Track 7 is very close.  About seven years ago I wrote a song called I Found.  It represented some struggles in my faith, but a shining hope in the love of Christ.  It was the closest thing to a worship song I had written at the time (prob still!).  A few years later, I was in a different spot in my walk and wanted to write a song about that, as well as write an acoustic song for the final track on the final Another Dream album.

Songwriting normally takes me a long time…I work on the music for months and then move on and work on the lyrics for a while.  But this song.  This song was written in one setting.  I sat down and basically wrote the lyrics from beginning to end as I wrote the music. It was awesome.  It ended up being very similar in style, chords, and lyrics to the song I Found I had written 3 years earlier.

To me it feels like an “update on where I am”.  I found was where I was standing seven years ago.  Desire was where I was standing three years ago and still represents me today.  Originally an acoustic track…the new version has much more instrumentation and I must say – it rocks.

I am very proud of this song and am very excited for people to hear this song soon…


Pray for – Desire
To pursue – Heaven’s face
Closed eyes – my prayers have been
Nothing more than sleeping games
From a sleeping heart tired of this game

I Found Love.

When my pursuits froze into place
When God meant nothing more to me
My faith fell asleep
My faith fell asleep

When desires of fame became my life
When my world pushed my God aside
I was sleeping sound
I was sleeping sound

When I was pouring gasoline
On bridges between God and me
When I was lost in sin
When I was lost

Heaven’s Love came down for me
Heaven’s Son He died for me
And I found He loves.
He loves.

I Found Love.

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