…there is love.

Decided to add an acoustic track onto the end of a song.  It is an acoustic version of an Another Dream song from our final cd.  I have been playing it live a bit when I have done acoustic shows and it seemed to really fit in both musically and lyrically with everything else here.  So I recorded it tonight.

I also decided to do it all “live”.  I set up three mics and pressed record.  I did 4-5 takes and kept the final take.  So there are a few tiny mistakes on it, but I really wanted the feel I get when I am just playing and singing it without thinking about anything else.  I could have instead, just recorded the acoustic guitar…maybe layered it…and added vocals…but I did not feel like I could capture the performance I wanted unless I recorded just me and my guitar.  So that is what I did.  And I think it sounds pretty killer!!

There is Love

There’s voices here
In-between the rustling leaves
Between the creature’s hateful stares
Melodies. Melodies.
Voices in the distance.
Voices by our side

You try to sing
But some won’t let you
Some won’t let you in
Some – they – have no forgiveness
So you decide –
– God’s love’s a myth.

There is love still after all these things
And grace is more than a word to make us smile
It’s the truth of love we don’t deserve
Still it’s in our hearts
It’s our hearts that remain clean

We took steps towards loneliness
Though we thought that is was love
We walked away from light
We traded trust
Until we turned our thoughts

Oh is this who you thought you would be
After footsteps disappeared we found out lost
We’re all so lost.

Is this the voice of God?
Is there love inside these woods?
I’m ready to give up now
If love is true come down
With open arms.

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