How Strong is Your Grace

Finished Tracks 3, 4, & 5 (I think..)  Here are the lyrics for track number 4.  I originally wrote this for acoustic after struggling through a passage my friend Matt was teaching on for church.  mostly questions and crap.  I couldn’t quite get the same feel on a few of the lines that I had on a demo I recorded a few years ago, but I think it is ok.  I just could not get myself to pronounce it with the same inflections I had previously, but I am sure I am the only one that will notice!

Really hoping to be done with all the recording by spring break (four weeks..)  Considering tossing one of the songs though and doing an acoustic song I have instead.  We’ll see…


How strong is Your grace

How strong is Your grace
Strong enough to take our place 
In guilt of sin

How strong is Your grace
There’s people I can’t love
There’s people I won’t love

How deep is Your love
Does it reach into a murderer’s thoughts
and grant him grace

How deep is Your love
Are we saved by works
Is it all we’ve done
Are we saved by all the good we’ve done

I am a murder
A robber
named a liar and a thief
But on Damascus’ road

And Calvary’s cross
I met my God

I looked in Jesus’ eyes
into my savior’s eyes

I said, “Lord – can You love me”
“Can You love this mess – of sinfullness”
Because I’ve been told by some
That You could not forgive me

Please love me. 

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