As you are.

Vocals done on track #2.  Finishing up the lyrics for the third song today so I can record them this next week.  This song was hard for me to write – I am very inward focused when I write songs – everything is from my perspective.  I wanted to have at least one track on this cd that was written more from God’s or a father’s perspective.  I am neither of those things, but I wanted a song that was more encouraging in the midst of failures.  I have tried before and everytime I just felt the words ended up cheesy or forced or something…and there are prob moments of that on this third track, but I feel comfortable that these are the words that need to be there.

As you are.

You ask if there is love in Me
You ask if I can still see you through your scars
Don’t stop fighting now – you’re not alone
Don’t stop fighting now – you should know:

I love you.
I love you.
I love always.

You’re running towards perfection
You’re chasing him with works
It will never be enough to live
It will never be enough.

I made a way for you to live
But still you choose to die
The words I spoke were filled with life
Your eyes still seek demise
Yet I love.
And Grace still calls your name
You will see love
Despite your scars
I love you son
I love you as you are

Begin to look around you’ll see
That love is always there
Reaching for you.
Reaching for you.
Begin to look around and see
That love is always there
It’s not your works
That make me love.

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