Lyrics. Lyrics. Lyrics.

Have not made much happen with the recording lately.  Started a new job and been really busy with many other things.  Was waiting for a part to arrive for my brother’s bass so I can finish that and also waiting for some lyrics to happen.

This week I have also been jamming with a drummer who is learning 5 of the songs so that we can play on October 21st in Cheyenne.  Super stoked on this….but it is going to be a lot a lot a lot a lot of work!

I am currently working on some lyrics.  as in right now.  It’s actually weird…when I write lyrics I just sing fake ones over the top until something sticks out.  And something did.  It is exactly what I needed.  While singing some fake lyrics, in fact singing the final song on the album and the final couple lines even – this line came out:

 “Your love is all I know”  

And since then, I have been working backwards from the end of the song.  It was just the inspiration I needed though to work from.  I think that sums up where I am in life.  I have stepped into many different emotions and many different faces throughout the years…from mini-bouts with depression, to trying to be super outgoing (didn’t work!!), to wanting to me some theological thinker (nope.) , to actually understanding and realizing my need for a savior, to not believing I am worth it to receive grace, and on and on.  All the different emotions, all the different trials.  Through it all.  The one thing I can say – is this Your love is all I know.  Maybe cheesy.  Maybe simple.  But really that is all that counts.  That we know the love of Jesus Christ.  And that is where I want to be with these songs.  I want them to represent some of the emotions I have felt the last couple years…good and bad.  But in the end, the only thing that I can truly, truly stand behind and sing about – is God’s love.

*Update – not the final lyrics, but pretty dang close:

Your Love is all I know

I find my hope in your arms again.
I find my rest in your arms….but confusion asks:

“How strong is your grace?
How deep is your love?”

Here is love, here is what I found.  It is not my works, it is not my strength that counts.
It is Jesus now.  I was Jesus all along.  It is Jesus.  For to the ungraceful I belong.

Sing, because it’s real.  If it is real, then I’ve lived a thousand sins more then grace should speak.
Let it replace the lies, that I have lived.  Let it be my words, be my prayers, be my love.

I walk so blind. So blind, so wrong of what the voice of grace can sing.
If love leads the way, if grace leads the way — these eyes should see and with clarity sing:

“Oh You are love.  You are love.
Oh take my life, take my words, take my songs, take my breath, to be your love.”

-Oh God  —  Be my love.

Your love is all I know.  Your love.
Your grace is all I know. Your grace.

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  1. Great line bro! Can’t wait to hear this!

    If it is real, then I’ve lived a thousand sins more then grace should speak.

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