I have 2/3 of the guitars done.  Mainly just need to focus on doing lead guitar stuff.  But man….when I am listening to this, especially after hearing the lead stuff I am coming up with – it really moves me.  It puts me into a place where I am desperate to write.  I am not sure if I have written about what these songs will be about, but I am leaning towards calling this thing “A Conversation” or at least a starting place (might be a cheesy title, who knows).  But it is going to flow from a place of wondering what worth (if any) I could even think I have to God….and because of the way I think and act – I have no business even trying to enter the prescence of God.  and then taking that idea, struggling through it, and coming to the realization that I am worth something – not because of me, but because there is grace.  and there is love.

In the song “Author” by My Epic, the singer shares “I’m tired of trying to be, who you already say that I am – I am yours”.  And that sums up the place I am and have been for a couple years – really starting to understand the failures of who I am and at times beating myself up over it and not even wanting to try to accept grace for it all.  All in all, this cd – like much of what I write – will be about Grace.


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