Good day.

I think that I am now officially half-way done with the drums…and that includes the hardest two songs.  So the mistakes I make from here on out will only be as a result of my lack of coordination… 🙂

So…4.5 drum tracks done and 4.5 left!  There is a part at the end of the last song that I think I will save until I have a better feel for the song.  I also like the idea of saving some of that for the very end since it will be tying the whole project together.  It is the grand finale and all that good stuff.

Added song quick guitar tracks to the songs I recorded today and they are sounding awesome!  It is hard to commit and say “this one is done”, but it sometimes gets easier once I add a couple guitar tracks and really hear how it comes together…and it makes me very excited to finish and let people hear it.  But also reminds me of how much more needs to be done before it is finished.  Overwhelming!!

*EDIT:  Listening to what I worked on today and there are a couple things I decided I do not like…so – try to get in and fix them!  Hopefully.  or redo them both completely.


***Another EDIT:  Fixed the stuff this morning quick – its cool, cause I like it even better now!  Hopefully get some time in tomorrow afternoon, but mostly done for today as I have an interview tomorrow and need to study and get a hair cut 😦


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