Computer died.  But I have a new one. Just waiting on a firewire card before I can get to recording again.  Did some work for a wildlife firm to pay for it this last week.  Painted a house, sold some old gear, and a few other things to pay for a new all-tube guitar amp.  Major upgrade and pretty exciting for me!  My old amp is 13+ years old and still running decently, but it was time to invest in something a little closer to professional.  (although my old amp did rock pretty hard!)

That’s all for now.  Probably will not get any more recording done until next Monday.  And then – it is on!  I can hit it hard almost all week.  If I don’t get to blistered up or wore out, I should be able to get most of the drums done that I have left.

Drums for 3 songs done.  6 more to go!

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  1. Awesome man! Can’t wait to hear what you’ve laid down.

    • Yeah I think you might like some of it!

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