And it starts.


Today was my first official day of summer vacation!  I spent the last week working on getting the drums sounding good and miked up.  It is difficult as they are not amazing drums and even worse – the room is really small.  So it would detract from the sound of any drumset.  But it is what it is and I am positive I can get some good sounds out of this project.

Worked all day and almost got drums done for two songs.  I am super close on the second song…but by the time I was about to nail it – I was getting tired and what I thought was good was instead coming out sloppy.  I am pretty sure I will get it in only a couple tries tomorrow after I have rested my arms/foot.  The hard part about this is keeping myself from settling.  What I am aiming for is to have everything correct – in time with a metronome, every snare hit and kick drum hit in the correct spot….and it can be hard being so consistent with it, easy to say – well I did a double hit there instead of a single – it fits!  And that hit is in time with the song…but it is not consistent with the rest of the verse, so I need to change it.  That is where it gets very nit-picky.

In the end it will be worth it, but taking something from the inches between very, very good and perfection is hard.  very hard.  It is that rogue paint line in the corner that no one else will see.  It separates something from great to perfection.  No ones says this project has to be perfect, but I want to take it as close to that as I can – so if there is something I can do better, then I will.

Maybe that sounds tedious or boring…but I had a lot of fun! I am excited to get the drums finished and move on to the guitars.  It is a little ways off, but it is just really exciting to listen to the songs start to form.

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  1. Nice work bro! Stick with it because I can’t wait to hear the new stuff

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