Been working the last couple weeks on getting some demos of songs finished up.  Basically, when I write a song, I have a lot going on in my head – so I like to get as much of that down as I can – as quickly as I can. I usually do not have a lot of time to put into writing during the school year, so if I do have some ideas flowing, I need to take advantage of it and get them down.  This entails:

Recording a quick guitar track with the metronome
Then recording some drums
Going back then and recording two guitar parts (usually throw out the scratch one that i started with)
Throw some vocals down over the top

So that is where I am at with eight songs now.  Some of the demos are pretty good…others are a bit sloppy.  But I can then listen to those ideas and decide what I like and what I need to add.  Most bands you will listen to have actually taken the time to do this – called pre-production.  So that is basically where I am at…song titles so far –

1.  Intro Song
2.  How Strong is Your Grace
3.  Some will seek forgiveness, others escape (Underoath Cover)
4.  Four Grace
5.  Desire
6.  New Song
7.  2nd to Last New Song
8.  Epic New Song

I like the number 8 for an album…long enough to be able to create some depth to it, but short enough that the is much more chance that people will listen to the whole thing.  Of course…that may change.  I have written three songs in the last month that I feel have really taken a good turn for the feel of the record.  Two of those songs were meant to be a minute long intro to the album – and turned into longer songs.

I also like to make the songs feel like they are part of each other – similar chords between songs, similar lyrical themes, etc.  For me, I do not usually write just one song that is unrelated to anything else…usually they can be woven together as some sort mixed basket of styles.  So this should not feel like a bunch of songs put together like a greatest hits album or something – instead it should really feel like an entire unit that begs to be taken in as a whole.

As far as a theme to the album…it is going to be just a discussion in grace and into my own identity in Christ – from my own apathetic faith to the love that is available despite failures.  I think these songs will be a processing of  where I am spiritually…and that is going to be really good for me this summer.  Any title that has the word “SONG” in the title is new and does not have lyrics yet, so although I have a small idea of what might come out of those songs – I really do not know where they will go lyrically.  All I know, is that I am very excited to let some of this out of me….what if this might be.

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