A Direction.

I think one of the reasons I do not post here often is that I do not have a specific direction for it.  At times it is the way I am processing through issues in my life…but I do not want those thoughts broadcast on the internet – so many times I will write a post, but end up either saving it as a draft or deleting it.  That process is great for me as I am getting my thoughts on “paper” and it helps me think about my life, but it does nothing for this blog, haha.

But that is ok.  I do not think I have a following of fans that are disappointed when I do not update with a post every couple days.  If anything, I have two friends who will, once in a while, look at my page to see if there is anything new.

I do have something to look forward to though…I am planning on recording A LOT of songs this summer.  I currently have 8 demos down of songs with a full band as well as 8 more songs that are acoustic based.  My plan this summer is to take those demos…re-record them…and then get them completed.  I am very excited for this.  These songs have been the last 2-3 years of writing for me.  But this project is pretty big.  A cd is a huge endeavor for a band…but this is something I will be doing entirely on my own.  I do hope to have a few friends possibly make an appearance on some tracks, but other than that it will be entirely me on everything.  This is exciting, but intimidating.  Even so, I am very proud of these songs – especially the more rock oriented ones.  It seems to be the direction of writing I was moving towards at the end of Another Dream and I am very excited to get it rolling.

I am planning to use this blog as a sort of studio diary as I work on this project.  I will aim to post updates in the form of demos, videos, lyrics, and just my thoughts on my the process.  The direction of this will be temporary, but I think it will give me a little focus, and hopefully it will help motivate me to complete this project – as it will most likely take me the entire summer to complete.

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