Oh for a day off.

Negative 27 right now in Laramie.  It is days like this where there is a tinge of hope in the back of my mind…days when it is brutually cold…or days when the snow is coming down and the wind is blowing.  Those days I always wonder if we will have school.  Of course we always do.  But I always dream of it. It would be fun!

Had an exciting day Friday with a student and had to make amends yesterday for it.  I was very nervous about it.  I have tried to make it a point to talk with students that have clashed with me during class.  I do not like getting upset or getting in their faces, but sometimes it happens.  Many times I will confront a student in the wrong way when they are doing something they should not be.  Friday, this student pulled out his phone, answered it, and was having a conversation.  He then ignored me until he had finished his time on the phone and then he hung up. This very frustrating and the students know this is not appropriate at all.  But I also could have been more polite about it. Obviously he was going to have to finish his conversation – at least say “hey, I gotta go” and that would not be completely on my time table no matter what.  The situation escaladed from there and eventually I took him down to the office. 

So yesterday, I knew I needed to talk to him.  I was dreading it as I am one to just let things go and ignore them.  But I am learning that I can’t do that.  Third period came and I was able to talk to him.  He initialy said no, but then finally came and sat with me outside the room.  I explained to him why I was upset, but then told him that I did not need to be in his face like I was.  So I apologized.  He accepted, apologized to me and told me there were a few more things going on in his life that had put him on the edge that day – that is why he responded poorly.  All in all – it went well.  I was then able to be a big help to him on his homework during the period.  I made it clear that he had been wrong in his actions as I did not want him to get off the hook for this, but I did want him to see that there are people willing to take the time and apologize for their mistakes.

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  1. I love that you are the kind of guy who is willing to own up to that though. I am willing to bet that it spoke a lot to him too. Sometimes it is so hard though.

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