Getting back to it.

Well, I never finished updating about our trip.  We were having too much fun to stop and update!  Nothing much happened in Seattle except complete and pure excitement.  The drive back to Meeteetse, WY ended up taking 19 hours – avg speed was 48 mph.  We had snow the whole way, so that tacked on an extra 6 hours from what we had planned.  but we made it!  Then I got to go fishing on the Lower Sunshine and it was pretty good times.  Caught a nice cutthroat and beat the other little guys who were fishing with me.  Good job pete!

Having been getting back to the groove of school and all that.  I don’t think I like working with teenagers in this type of setting.  Even though I am here to tutor kids…much of my job just entails babysitting – making sure they stay off their phones, making sure couples are not in the back getting lovy with their hands, and making sure they are working on computers and not playing games.  It gets old and I am ready for a change.  I love hanging out with this age, and am able to call a lot of them friends.  But it is hard for me to distinguish those connection lines when we are at school.  I would rather just be someone that came to their shows, played music with them, and is a friend and role model.

Still figuring it all out…life is going great otherwise.  The church seems to be doing well, I am really enjoying working with my music team.  Been doing some fishing and some cross country skiing with Marlo.  Waiting to hear if Kelli gets into Graduate school somewhere.  !!!

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