Bend, OR

So, it has been a few days since we were actually in Bend, but thats ok!  We woke up in Boise and had a quick little breakfast at the hotel.  I was hoping it would have waffles, but it didn’t.

we were a little nervous because this next stretch was going to involved driving in areas that sometimes required chains.  So we did not know how the roads would be.  They ended up being just fine – a bit icy in spots so we did go slow, but nothing too crazy.  A coupe neat little towns along the way.

We got to Bend and our GPS told us to turn right…but we should have turned left.  We eventually found our hotel though! 

Bend is a really cool town.  It actually has 80,000 people, but I would have bet money that there was only 2,000 if I had not seen the sign.  Has a really little feel to it.  Similar to Estes Park.  Kelli and I are really enjoying traveling at this time of year because this touristy towns are not flooded with people like they would be in the summer.

For supper we went out to the Deschutes Brew Pub.  It was a really cool little place and the food was really good.  I had a cheeseburger (of course!) and Kelli had a crab cake on a bun.  Both sandwhiches were yummmy!  We also got some ice cream at Sonic later…

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