Boise, ID

Monday, after we ate at Ruth’s Diner we left Salt Lake and headed onwards to Boise.  It was a neat drive and we stopped in Twin Falls, ID to look at some waterfalls.  Right off the exit there is a bridge called Hansen Bridge that goes across the Snake River.  we stoppped to look down into the canyon after crossing it…and it is deep!!  It was crazy how big the pillars were that held that bridge up.  It was awesome!  Then we drove to the falls which were very cool as well.

The town of Boise was a bit annoying.  Seemed to be a bit cluttered – traffic was bad.  But we made it to our hotel and then went to our next eating place:

Donnie Mac’s Trailer Park Cuisine

This was a very cool place.  I think it used to be a tire shop that they turned into a restaurant – so it still had the bay doors and stuff.  It also has a big car in the middle that you can eat inside of.  Kelli was not down with eating inside of it, so I was a little bummed.  Our table ended up being right in front of it though – the front of the car was the edge of our table!!  Our benches/seats were actual benches from cars too.  Sweet!

I ordered a Double Cheeseburger and onion rings.  It was fairly good.  The Onion rings were a little more peppery than I have ever had and it worked well.  I ate them right up!!  The Chesseburger was ok.  They have an actual charcoal grill inside, so I was excited for a really good burger – and it was good – but not amazing.  I think ordering a double was a mistake.  Some place – a double tastes better, but not here.  It was just too big for me to bite into and I do not think it was as good as it could have been.  It was not super juicy either.  Maybe overcooked?

Kelli, of course, ordered the Mac&Cheese which she said was amazing!!  She was very happy with it.

It was a great stop on  our trip and I would definitly give the burger another chance just because of how neat it was inside of there.

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