Food Network Tour 2010 – Salt Lake.

Good morning!  I was meaning to update this everyday while on vacation here…but – I am on vacation.  I only do a blog post every couple weeks (if that), so I guess to think I would do better on vacation…yup.

So Kelli and I are in Boise, Idaho this morning at Candlewood Suites.  Nice hotels if anyone is planning on traveling.  Great rates as well.  For those of you that did not know, Kelli and I have planned a trip out to the Oregon Coast and then up to Seattle.  During our drive, we scoped out spots we had seen on the Food Network show – Drive-ins, Diners, and Dives.  So lets recap:

Sunday after church we left for Salt Lake City.  It rained almost the entire drive!  The last couple hours were basically downhill through the mountains. It was crazy!  All the places we wanted to go are closed on Sundays, so we went to Olive Garden for a familiar meal.  We also checked out Temple Square which was pretty impressive.

Monday morning we were planning on meeting one of Kelli’s friends from high school, but ended up sleeping in.  I normally wake up before 7 even if my alarm does not go off – but not this time!  It felt really good to open my eyes at 8:30 though.  I think I needed that. 

So where did we eat….Ruth’s Diner (there will be a link attached to every restaurant name that goes to a youtube video).  This place was awesome!  She was actually a “lounge singer” in Salt Lake and ended up opening a restaurant.  She was a dirty mouthed, independent woman.  and she made really good biscuits!! 

I ordered the Biscuits & Gravy as I am always trying to find a wonderful place to eat those – up til now the best were in Frederic, WI at Bean’s Country Griddle – but Ruth’s were – amazing!!  The biscuits were soft and moist, and they were covered with a sausage gravy that was very interesting.  It had some onions in it that really gave it a wonderful taste.  They were not overpowering, but kind of subtle enough to get my tastbuds craving more.  It was good. 

Kelli ordered a Mexican Omelet that she enjoyed as well. 

It was a great stop!  the coffee was very good as well.  I had many cups of it!

Since we were not done eating until 11, we decided we would skip lunch and head on to Boise.  We had a place called Moochie’s Meatballs that we had planned on eating at, but we knew we would not be hungry for a long time. 

And we weren’t.

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  1. I am entirely envious of this idea and trip!!! Seriously! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!! Food Network Diners and Dives? I envy you (as the Korean would say). Have a great trip and a fabulous Christmas and New Year and everyday between and following…

    Miss you two!

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