A Christmas Carol.

A couple weeks ago I watched A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey in it.  I did not really like it at all.  I much prefer the Muppets Christmas Carol!!  (Jim Carrey just annoys me. and it was trying too hard to be funny)

At the end though, I realized something…it makes the assumption that Scrooge suddenly changed his life and people accepted him.  This would not be the case!  For one – many people would not believe him.  Many people would be watching for him to mess up so they could say that he was not genuine in his change.  Some would believe…maybe with some doubts, but they would learn to trust him.

He maybe would have changed many parts of his life overnight.  But I still do not think he would have been a pleasant dinner guest.  Despite his generous spirit…I think he still would have been hard to love.  Parts of his old self would still leak out as he was around others.  He would do his best to love, but would fail miserably at times.  And I do not believe he would be a fun person to have around.

(The book actually states in the last paragraph that many people laughed at his change, but he continued on despite that.  It alludes to the fact that he was completely changed and that he did love people – he was a 2nd father to Tiny Tim.)
I just thought that was something interesting to think about.  I know that many times in my life I have made the assumption that accepting Christ means a complete change in a person…but I forget to realize that their life may not change completely overnight (and some changes never happen).  There are stories of people who do a complete 180 and never look back.  I think that many times we only hear part of those stories.  We hear about the big things – alcoholism, drugs, etc – but we do not hear about the parts some do not see…or only the family/close friends see.  But still, it is not our job to decide if some sort of decision is the real deal…instead – we are just required to love.

People do change.
But people fail.
Grace is stronger.
Grace sees deeper than me.

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  1. Great thoughts and a great challenge. Thanks man!

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