inside the mind of a dog.

You ever wonder what dogs think?  When I turn on the stereo and sound starts rushing out of the speakers, does that confuse her?  Or when the window rolls down in the back of the car – does she realize that I am controlling that? or when she is sitting there, nose within an inch of the window, staring; is she trying to will the window down so she can stick her head out and sniff the breeze?  And when it actually rolls down for her is she proud of herself for having the mind power to get it to open?

Dogs are great.  I love my little puppy, but man it would be amazing to be able to have a peek inside her mind to find out what her thoughts are about the world around her.  I think it would be very funny!

Of course, there are many people I would like to see inside the minds of.  Mostly when I just do not understand what they are thinking!  Like the people that sit on the porch across the street at 1 AM telling jokes and laughing loud…or the biker who was riding on the opposite side of the street and made it so people could not turn…or the people who cross the street walking as slow as they can – oblivious to the fact that I am trying to turn…

I don’t want to read minds.  It would be fun at times, but mostly I think it would be dangerous and I would regret it.  Really – I just want to know if the people that act oblivious of the world are doing it on purpose to make others upset or if they are really so caught up in their own selfs that they are unaware of the fact that revving their big truck at 2 AM outside of an apartment wakes people up.

Who knows.

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