It has been a while.  I have started…deleted…started again…posted…and deleted again quite a few posts.  I have been in an interesting place the last month or so and still figuring all of that out.  There have been a lot of goodbyes, including the hardest which was my band of six years – Another Dream.  But I am doing great!  Just having my third cup of coffee and getting ready to head to church to lead music again this morning.  I wrote a new song friday – something I have not done in a long time!  I am taking some classes on worship theology and at the end of each section we get to do a creative project.  I of course…chose to write a song.  So friday morning I finally sat down to do it and this is what came out of that – still working on the chorus lyrics, but otherwise fairly solid.  Hopefully it will work, I am not allowed through my account to upload audio files cause I am not paying, but I can upload through the courses I am in.  More to come…


I sing upon your love
Apart from who you are – there is no love!

I sing upon your peace
where there is no way to be at peace above
where there is no way but through your blood

I crawl onto the alter
I crawl into your arms
Please take my sacrifice
Please take me in your arms

Is this where, the kingdom of the Lord will meet my life!?

Lord I’m at the altar
Lord come by my side
Lord I fall onto your altar
Burn me up inside

This is where, the kingdom of the Lord will meet my life.

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  1. Good song sir. I know that the last few months have been difficult for you, but I also know that God has some really cool things in store for you as you keep seeking him and understanding his plan for you!


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