Music and Life.

It is always interesting how fast we can slip away from a closeness to God.  And it is always interesting how this happens without very much realization.  Before Christmas I was in a great spot.  I was actively pursuing God and spending time with him every day…then came break.  I took two weeks off.  After break was over and school started up again those two weeks turned into two more and then two more and on and on.  This isn’t to say that I have completely rejected God during the last two months.  There have defenitly been some amazing times of awe inspiring revelations from his scriptures and from the community I share in Laramie, WY.  But it could always be more.

In our Christian walk, there are times when we (at least me), wake up in the morning and do not feel or even want to follow Christ.  Laziness.  Boredom.  Restlessness.  Guilt.  Fear.  Different emotions take on so many forms, but many times the result is the same – we slip away from God. 

But he does not let us get far.  We are reminded of his love, of his grace.  We are reminded of the amazing things he has done and drawn to worship him and stand in awe of him.  Even when I feel like I have drifted and have not continued to seek him, I remember that he gives me reminders of himself all the time.  So really…I have not drifted far or even at all.  Don’t take that as an excuse or a disclaimer, just something I have found in my walk.  I tend to be my own worst critic and can be hard on myself.  We push on. 

So…listening to Shane & Shane’s “Pages” album lately.  Really good stuff.  Some of the vocal melodies they come up with are amazing.  Favorite tracks so far – Vision of You, Embracing Accusations, Before the Throne of God (amazing), Wounded (amazing melody on the bridge).  Good stuff.

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