Today I am wearing my “tree” outfit.  I have this green sweater that I wear every now and then.  What is cool about this sweater is that it is short-sleeved.  I guess I always think of sweaters being long-sleeved, so it seemed pretty cool when I saw it on the rack a few years ago…which normally I like to buy long-sleeved dress shirts – not because I am cold (cause I always sweat…) but because I like rolling up the sleeves.  I feel hip.

“Mr. Blomberg, you dressed like a tree today!”  Some students of mine pointed that out a few years ago.  I didn’t understand what they meant at first…until they explained that I was wearing brown pants on the bottom and a green sweater on top.  I looked like a tree! 

So today.  I am dressed like a tree…at least I am dressed!

Now over there years I have gone through a lot of clothes.  I tend to get tears in the bottom, holes in the knees, and rips in the crotch.  At times I have thrown these clothes out, but there are some pairs that I continue to wear.  I love how they feel and look on me!  (vain). 

But I could not show up to my job wearing many of the pants I have at my house…in fact, I can’t come to school in many of my shirts!  Not because they are profane – or even ripped.  mostly because I have grown out of them.  I am not the 5’11” , 150 pound guy I was four years ago.  My belly sticks out.  I used to suck it in…but I can’t anymore.  It just wears me out!!

There are days however, where I don’t exactly look good.  I maybe will just wear those jeans that don’t quite fit me right and make me have an old man butt.  and maybe my back pockets are ripped out and my boxers are showing.  And maybe…

oh but I am done.  I was going to go into this great analogy about how we can “show up” at the feet of Christ even when we don’t look our best.  And how we don’t have to dress up to see him.  And how it doesn’t matter if our clothes are tattered and torn.  with holes in the knees and our belly sticking out.  Because I am not talking about clothes…but our works.  our sin.  our hearts.  we don’t always approach the Lord in our best attire…in fact, I find myself approaching Him more often then not when I am at my worst.  When I have not plucked every little hair that connects my two eyebrows and merges them into a giant cyclops-brow…when I tuck my shirt in but it sticks out of my zipper…when I can’t seem to find a complete pair of socks without holes in them.  When I am stained with the doubt and betrayel of my Lord.  It seems like I need to be at my worst to consider Him, it seems like I finally wake up and realize that He is there.  and He lets me come.  bad breath and all.

but I won’t go into that.  cause really.  I am dressed like a tree.

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