Goodness and Mercy.

Just got done reading a book called Goodness and Mercy.  It was actually written by my english teacher from my senior year in high school.  It is only 200 pages long and can be bought on Amazon.  If you have a chance – it is worth a read.  My teacher, Esther Davison, was actually the daughter of missionaries in China.  She was born in Shangai.  This book is the true account of some of her parents’ legacy.  They both started as single missionaries to China at the beggining of World War I.  About the time they were married, China was invaded by the Japenese and they were forced to run for about nine years before they finally were able to get back to America.  After that they went back to China and Esther was born there.

It is truly inspiring to read a story about two people who trusted God with their lives and continued to see his faithfullness in the midst of losing everything they owned including a daughter.  It is a testament of how God uses the circumstances and trials in our lives to connect us with people of whom we could never relate to otherwise.  It is a story of the beautiful goodness of God, seen through the eyes of two people who could have thrown in the towel, but instead saw the mercy and faithfullness of God.

At parts I was moved to tears as I read the struggles and heartache they went through while they were constantly trying to stay ahead of the invasion on China – and how they continued to minister and serve every chance they got while on the run.

This is what Maybeth (Esther’s mother) said after one incident where, when looking back and finding out certain informations and terrors that were at their feet while traveling, she saw how God protected them:

“…sometimes when we pray for safety we never see those circumstances from which He is protecting us, but once in awhile, God seems to lift  a corner of the veil that hides God’s actions from man and shows us how He is protecting us.”

Sometimes living the Christian life can be so hard.  We serve for God’s glory…but as humans, we need to see fruit every once in a while.  We need to see answered prayer.  It is hard to trust and continue without reminders every now and then…Keep watch.  God will show you he is faithfull.  He will give you what you need and take care of you.  It is not always when or how we expect it…but God is faithfull.

Esther Davison’s book can be purchased here:  Goodness and Mercy

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