A vessel made clean.

It’s like a cup.  Maybe your favorite cup.  The one you always pick from the cupboard to drink out of.  You dump ice cream, milk, and powdered chocolate into it, stir it up with a spoon and enjoy.  You quench your dry, chapped lips with ice cold water from it after mowing the lawn.  It is your favorite!

Have you ever used the cup for something else?  Dumped bacon grease in there, melted butter in it, used it to grow a bean plant?  Or have you ever dropped your cup into the mud?  Into the yard while guzzling down a cold Pepsi…into a pile of dog poop.  Maybe you left it outside where it shouldn’t be and forgot about it.

Would you drink out of it again?  Even after you washed it three times with hot soap and water, ran it through the dishwasher twice…would you forget about the wet feceses staining the tip of the rim? How long would it take?  Could you ever forget or do you just throw the cup out?

We are all dirty vessels.  We have all been filled with dirt and mud.  Dogs have chewed holes into our sides.  But isn’t that where our love flows out?  Out of the places where we have been hurt the most we love the most.  Not only that…but we have been made clean.  We do not have to be stained with the dirt and the muck that continues to come into ourselves.  We have been made clean.  Others may remember the time when we were completely covered in mud…when the stench of the dog droppings was permeating any area within ten feet of us…when we could not even be recognized as a cup anymore…others will remember that!  But God doesn’t.  When he forgives us we are clean.

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