Great Expectations.

I just read this great book by Charles Dickens for the 2nd time.  Almost two years ago now, one of the teachers at our church shared about this book a little bit.  The main theme of his message was grace.  A few days after that teaching I was leaving on tour for a few weeks, so I went and checked Great Expectations out from the library.  Normally, I drive the van almost exclusively while on tour.  I get bored when I am not driving, I can’t sleep usually, and so I would rather drive.  But…since I had this book I decided to just sit in the back and read as much as I could. 

There are a few slow parts…but it is a good story.  There are parts that are haunting and parts that are upsetting and parts that are steeped in grace.  My friend Micah, when sharing about this book two years ago was right…it is a great example of grace!  I don’t want to go into the whole plot as I don’t like to ruin stories for people.  But it is a story of someone recieving something outrageously wonderful…but he has not worked for it and he does not deserve it. 

Go check it out.  I think it will only take about a week and a half if you read a little over an hour every night.  If you can’t handle that, at least check out A Christmas Carol.  It is only 110 pages long and would probably only take a little over an hour if you sit down and go to it.  It’s fun reading that after seeing so many movie adaptions of it.  I have not seen the latest one with Jim Carrey (as he annoys me a bit…) but I think my favorite is probably the Muppet Christmas Carol.  Good times…

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