Musical Snow.

Like most people…I base my musical selections around what mood I am in at the time.  What affects mood the most?  For me it is nature…the weather…night/day.  I love driving at night and putting on mellow/epic music and just soaking in the night as I drive.  Some cds I listen to at night:
Noise Ratchet – Why We Cry
Circa Survive – On Letting Go
Thrice – Water. 

All three of those are amazing to listen to at night.  Mellow…but rockin’ at the same time.  The feeling of the music really draws me into a contempletive state of mind…a state of mind where I am awed by the beauty of music, the beauty of the night, and the beauty of the creator of all – God.

Today is another melloncaly day.  There is a lot of snow on the ground and it is still snowing.  I love watching it snow!  This morning I put in a cd that I found out about a little while ago…I have been listening to it a lot!  It is mellow and different and while driving with the snow falling softly…it was perfect!

Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

Check it out sometime.  Mostly just acoustic/vocal stuff.  It is very lo-fi recording which really matches the moods of the songs.  And when he records…many times he records his voice a bunch of times, almost like a choir – and he uses it as another instrument to fill out the sound.  It is interesting…and good!

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