Had an awesome Sunday!  Had an amazing group of musicians for the service and together we were able to create some beautiful music and worship God with it.  My buddy Darin played drums…and he is super solid.  I didn’t realize he was such a good drummer until this week!  hehe…

Here’s a few songs that we did.   It is beautiful as the camera picked up the people singing a lot!  Which is awesome!

Just wrote a new song a little bit ago…actually trying to put together music for next Sunday – the first week of Advent!  Not sure what to do yet as there are some people that really expect and desire christmas songs…but I am not as keen on them!  I like some and think some are great…but…hmmm.  Still praying about what to do.  I think most likely there will be a mix of Christmas and straight forward worship songs.  One thing that God has layed on my heart in the last year is that I am not leading for myself…I am trying to invite others to worship the Lord in song.  Sometimes that means doing songs I don’t like!

Anyways, if anyone has any good “Christmas” songs that are not as traditional, I would love some ideas!  The song I wrote came out of the idea of thinking about the fact that “Love has Come” and celebrating that.  Not sure if it is a song to be song corporately or not though…I never know!

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