Didn’t get a ton of sleep last night…had a mouse crawling around the ceiling making noise.  When this happens I just get really uptight.  My heart starts beating fast.  I can feel my blood pressure rise.  I just get on the edge.  But God allowed me to sleep and not lay there all night rolling around like I though was going to happen.  and…we got the mouse.  If there’s one thing I have learned though…where there is one mouse…there is more!

Just about to head off to setup for church today.  We basically store all our equipment in a box and set it up for church every Sunday.  It is a lot of work.  We used to do that on Tuesday nights as well for practice, but I put an end to that as we spent most of practice setting up and tearing down rather than actually practicing.  Now we have time to pray and then practice with just amps.  it’s nice.

I always get nervous before church.  I think I place a lot of my security and identity in how well the music comes out.  I do believe that we need to excel in what we do and we need to create an environment of worship for the church.  But God is worshiped even when we sound horrible.  Sounding awesome and amazing is not a set rule that ensures we are worshiping God.  It is our hearts that decide that.

I am actually very excited for the team today.  Have a bunch of great musicians and I tried some new arrangements of some songs that I am excited about.  this is partly what makes me nervous…as we don’t have time to gel as a team…so if one of us forgets a part or messes up – there is the potential to really fall apart.  Ha…I am in that boat as well – I mess up a lot!    I am still learning to trust the rest of the guys in that. They are amazing though.  I think church music teams have a tough job – they are required to learn different songs every week and play them with excellence.  Whereas, most bands practice and practice the same ten songs and play those every night.  It is a challenge!  I hope that someday we have the ability to have the same people every time we play a certain song, so that we continue to push and become more solid. Right now there is just not enough time.  But I think the music this morning is going to be really solid.  I can’t wait to create music with these guys in a little bit!   There is just a point where you get as musicians where you know what the other person is going to play before they play it…you are so connected! It is awesome!  but it takes a long time.  And seriously…all the people I get to create music alongside of are amazing!

Make it a prayer to worship God in the midst of struggles.  In the midst of mess ups and failures.  It is easy to get frustrated when you want to do your best for the Lord, but you just can’t seem to.  We worship God because our hearts are right…not because our musical notes are.

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