My own response.

I think my frustrations came out of both not having anything else to write about and just having a lot of goals in mind for the future.  But in thinking more…my frustration seems to be focused on my team members in my post.  When really…I have an awesome team.  There are actually only six people on our music team.  That makes it hard.  Only one of them is a drummer.  He also has three kids, a full time job, and is the youth pastor at the church.  When he gives his time…it is sacrificial.  He is giving up his free time and his time with his family to be a part of the team.

And he is not the only person that does not have any extra time…no one really does!  The people that are playing are giving up time in pretty awesome ways.  And they are all great musicians!  They play well and follow well.  There have been times I have added songs to the set or added things at the endings..and they follow beautifully! 

A friend challenged me on that the other day.  He told me that I could demand more of them musically at practice.  I think when I know that the music is not going to be as good as I would like it…I shut down and just settle for playing the song together.  Instead…as the leader of this team…I need to push them!  I need to guide them and challenge them.  It won’t be amazing…but it will be good!  And maybe eventually it will be amazing the more we play together.  I don’t think the problem we have is a lack of talent.  At times it is a lack of personal…but more so – it just a lack of playing together as a team and meshing as a group of musicians.  That takes time!  I played in a band for five years.  We took a lot of time to get the songs tight and all the parts worked out.  Even after doing that…it took a few live shows to truly click and play the song as a band.  It always sounded great…but when you get to that point where you feel connected to the rest of the team while playing and everything just molds together…it is amazing.  It is hard going from a band who was there to leading a band who is not there.  And that takes time!  It is no one’s fault!  That connection does not happen because of any skills the group mempers have…it comes as a result of playing songs again and again together.  That takes time.

I have a lot of goals in mind and lots of expectations I would like to put in place.  Most of the goals demand that I have the same people willing to play/practice every single week.  It demands that we hash out songs until we get as close as we can to perfection. 

I appreciate my team.  They give of their time in amazing ways.  God is pushing me to be satisfied in what he has given me.  I still will pray for more…but I am learning to use what I have and glorify God through it.  My team is built of not only great musicians…but great friends…and great followers of Christ.  I much prefer that to having twenty people to work with who do not love people or are not seeking God with their entire lives.  We will still push each other spiritually…but I know they love the Lord and I know they want to worship him.  In the end…that is more valuable then a band “sounding cool”.

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