Lamentations 3.

Friday night, the theme for Sunday suddenly changed…as the music leader, I need to adjust.  There had actually been a lot of things going on Friday that I was still trying to figure out as well.  Our pastor told me that the theme would be “faith” and we would be looking at Lamentations 3.  It is a pretty inspiring passage.  Here is a guy who goes on and on for twenty verses about how all these trials have happened to him…but in the midst of all of that…he then writes how his hope is in God and “great is your faithfullness”.  How hard is that to do!?  In the middle of our greatest and endless trials, to still say “God is good”…amazing!

The scripture actually fit with the stuff I had been thinking about all day, so after I ate supper I sat down…and within an hour this came out…Most of the words come straight out of the first twenty-five verse of Lamentations 3.  I ended up changing one part…it says in the scripture “the splendor is gone..”  so that was in the chorus:  I will pursue you, through broken skin, the splendor’s gone, but still you remain. Upon recording a portion of it friday, I realized that it sounded like I was saying Splenda!  ha..

Anyways, been working on this all afternoon.   I had another version I was working on and wrote some sick drum parts, but couldn’t get the programming to sound right all the way through.  A couple rockin’ parts…but the rest sounded like a drum machine – which is not good!  At the end, I was doing a stomp and then hitting the top of my guitar – which I had my keys sitting on.  So it sounds like some clanky.  Fun.  The only bummer when I record is that my guitar is a thin body and doesn’t have a whole lot of sound to it…so it sounds thin and tinny.  I got it for free at time when I needed an acoustic/electric to lead music but didn’t have money…and God provided, so it’s awesome!

Click here for song!

I will Remember

Broken down, I am the man to see
I’ve grown old, with broken bones and broken lives and broken faith
And Lord, where were you – oh where were you?
With trust and hope I wait…..For peace. Does it come?

I will remember – promises in between – promises in light of the pain
I will pursue you – through broken skin – my hope is gone, but still you remain
I will remember – promise in between – promises in light of the pain
I will pursue you – through broken skin – I see that your promise remains

Suddenly..My God has failed me
My God has turned his hand against me
And beautifully, the light of things hope for
Coming to me, coming to save me

I will remember…

We are not consumed for his great love never fails.
Great is your faithfulness.
You show me it’s new every morning…you show me you’ll save.
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