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5.  Even in your darkest woods…

Before you held your hand to love
You swore you’d never look that way
You’d never run that way for love

Before you looked back to steps on trails
Into endless woods, into darkened woods

At times you are still holding on
To whispers in the dark, to trails into the dark

But I still believe in love
Hidden in the melodies of the voice of God

Here me now! I found, love in the darkest woods
In dying leaves I saw
Colors of love I saw
Actions of grace

There’s melodies here in the darkest woods
Voices sing of God!

Even in your darkest woods, hear the voice of God

“You lost your way in fallen love, Oh fallen one!
Now pick a trail, pick a life, chase after true love”
And I am sure that God is love, he is love, he is true love
In the darkest woods, he is love


6…there is love.

There’s voices here…in between the rustling leaves
Between the creatures hateful stares
Melodies, voices in the distance, voices by our side

You try to sing, but some won’t let you, some won’t let you in,
Some they have no forgiveness, so you decide—God’s loves a myth.

There is love still after all these things
And grace is more than a word to make us smile
It’s the truth of love we don’t deserve, and still it’s just our hearts
It’s our hearts, that remain clean

We took steps towards loneliness, although we thought that it was love
We walked away, from light, we traded trust until we turned our thoughts

“Is this who, we thought we would be?”
After footsteps disappeared, we found out
“Lost, we’re so lost!”

Is this the voice of God, is there love inside these woods?
I’m ready to give up now, if love is true, come down with open arms

…we found out we could never change mistakes, but we can move on, if we can find love, forgiveness after broken lives and broken trust.  It seems there is no end or forgiveness for the lives we led, but we move on, we move on, towards better days…we move on towards grace…

There is love!  There is love for all!

I won’t write a whole lot as the lyrics are long enough.  But these are two more songs from our new cd.  I wrote the music portion of both of them seperatly….but they ended up being some of the same chords.  I do that quite often!  We recorded the first one during one of our recording sessions, which brought our total songs up to 8…and then I was planning on doing an acoustic song.  We wanted to have 10 songs, but didn’t really want to postpone the cd any longer.  I had this song, but we just had not had the time to do it. 

When I was finishing the lyrics for the cd, I just started writing and writing…what came out of it was lyrics for both of these songs.  The lyrics are pretty easy to read and gain meaning from, but just in case…I wrote them as a result of teenagers I had met over the last few years doing shows with the band.  I wanted to write songs to them with the idea of just declaring that God is love…that despite the path you have been on, despite the mistakes you have made – you can be forgiven!  There is grace in the midst of the darkness!  There is love in the midst of lonliness!  As a result of the lyrics and also the music just matching – these two songs bascially became one song.  They are seperated into two tracks, but it is just one long song.  I also wanted to speak to the fact that many times christians are not loving and accepting of “dirty” people.  I have been a part of that and still judge others at times instead of looking through the eyes of Jesus.  I wanted to confront that as part of expressing the process I had been through – that is what the 2nd track/part of the song is about .  It talks about trying to “sing along” with the voices, but not being allowed to.  As a result…God’s love is looked upon as a myth.  I could go on and on trying to explain the lyrics and writing about my heart in them…but they speak for themselves. 

After finishing the lyrics for these songs, I decided that the 2nd one had to be on the cd.  There was no way around it.  I considered doing it acoustic as well, but didn’t think it would give the song justice.  So we were able to record it quickly one weekend after a show in my town.  It worked out great as I had moved into a house that very week…if that wouldn’t have happened, this song never would have happened.  Matt came up with some amazing drum parts.  I feel as if the recording/mixing on this song does not give justice to the drum parts that Matt came up with…but it is still a great song.  And together I think they flow into each other nicely and the lyrics tell a great story of the hope of God that is available for all…no matter what path you are on and no matter what you have done and no matter if others offer you grace – God does.  And I have been the worst of them at times…I have not always offered grace where it should be offered, but God has changed my heart…I need grace as much or more than anyone else. 

One of my favorite verses Romans 5:8 – God demonstrates his love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. 

Ok, that was long.  Sorry.  Enjoy.

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