How amazing.

I was going to write a bit about Philippians 2 as I have just been reading that over and over again for the last 4 months. but not today.

I think the message of the cross is amazing.  The whole story is amazing.  Phillip Yancey in his book The Jesus I Never Knew compares his tank of fish with the coming of Jesus.  (ha).  He tells about how he would go to feed his fish, or clean out their tank and all of his fish would scatter and hide whenever he came around.  Even though he was supplying for their needs and taking care of them…he was just too big and out of their mind’s understanding.  He decided, that the only way he could even make his fish understand and accept him would be to actually shrink down and become a fish himself.  In the same way, Jesus Christ…God…is far too big for us to understand and many times he is hard to relate to.  So Jesus Christ did not come down in all the glory of God…but instead came to earth like us.  as a child.  as a man.  He stepped into our world so that we could begin to see how we can have a relationship with him. 


I think that is what the world needed then and still needs today.  People who are willing to step into the worlds of others and be in their lives.  Not people who put of the walls of a church around themselves and lock themselves into its threshold…but people who are willing to step outside of it and dig into the lives of others.  That is why Jesus was so desirable for the poor, the broken, and the outcast.  He met them where they were at. 

I think that is the most amazing and beautiful thing about Jesus.  The dirty people of society were drawn to him.  He stood for truth and he stood for righteousness, but he did not go about reaching that with a finger of condemnation.  He met the lies and the unrighteous of this world with love.  He loved all and served all.  So instead of condemning an aldultress woman to death, he instead taught us a valuable lesson by loving her and reminding us that none of us are perfect.  We all have stains on our heart.  The beauty of the cross and the story of Jesus Christ is that he reaches out with loving arms to forgive us of our sins and wash those stains away. 

my scattered thoughts.

.How marvelous,
How wonderful,
and my song shall ever be,
How marvelous,
How wonderful,
is my savior’s love for me.

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