Too much on my mind tonight.  It just starts to wander and jump between 3-4 different things that are on my mind. 

Anyways….one of those things was a mouse that has been scrambling around in our ceiling for a while now.  It is not the type of ceiling where I can push up a tile and get him though.  The other morning I was eating breakfast and he ran across the room. It was actually kind of cute cause he peeked his head around the corner at me and then ran across.  Cute as he was…he wasn’t too cute for me to set a trap.  So, I have had a trap with some peanut butter on it sitting out.  Friday morning still nothing. I got back from work Friday afternoon and this little guy had licked all the peanut butter off the trap!  So then I just threw a piece of cheese on there…30 min. later that was gone as well!  Smart little dude.  We’ll see if we can get him soon. 

That was probably the minor thing on my mind tonight.  Just a lot of big decisions coming up.  Pretty exciting!

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