First day!

First day of school with the students is done. It was actually only a half-day. It is a work-day this afternoon…which basically means I can take some time to read and make a post on here.

It was a pretty fun morning.  Got to see many of my students for the first time in 3 months.  that’s always really fun.  I wasn’t too excited about heading back, just cause it is hard after having 3 months off.  I actually taught summer school for a month in there, and did some other stuff, but even after that  – it is a long time off!  But it’s awesome, because the students I was excited to see have all become my friends.  I don’t really consider them students as much as I consider them friends, and I would think they see me the same way.  there is still a respect there in regards to me being there teacher and the understanding that I need to be responsible in my job.  but it is cool to have some friends here. 

It is wierd for me to be teaching in a high school actually.  I graduated almost 4 years ago with a degree in elementary education.  I taught 3rd grade for a year, got married, and moved to where my wife is finishing school.  I was offered a job at the high school for some strange reason…and I took it.  But it is crazy.  even though I am 25, I still feel like a teenager at times.  I still feel like I am one of the students in a high school.  I think part of it is that I play in a band and many of the people I hang out with in that scene are only teenagers.  So I feel part of them.  This makes it hard though.  It is hard to be a responsible adult when there is that chance to just hang out with these kids and be one of them.  but I do it.  I have been able to find a balance between letting them be kids and still being a teacher, but also being their friend. 

I don’t know, I am just rambling.  Didn’t think this all through a whole lot before writing, but the main thing is that I am enjoying teenagers and enjoying the relationships I have built here.

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