My new car…

A few weeks ago I bought a brand new car.  Only 100 miles on it!  I always vowed never to do that since they depreciate so much, and if you wait a year you can get one from about 4-5000 less that is basically still brand new…Well Cash-for-Clunkers came along and changed that. Kelli and I were actually going to sell my 4runner that had been draining my money, and then start putting money in the bank to save up for something eventually…but when Obama said he would give me 4500…and Ford said they would give me an added 3000….that was something just thrown into our laps.  Even though we now have a car payment, we will save money on gas (the new one gets 3x the mileage…), and we will save money since we won’t have repairs.  So in the end our payments won’t be very much compared to those two things which had been draining my money.  (I think I put 3000 into this 4runnner in less than 2 years…)

So that’s exciting…but here is the real story. It’s a miracle I even made it down to Denver, CO to get my car. Enjoy:


So…signed on a car thursday night, but they decided they would not do the cash for clunkers, so that menat a $4500 difference in price.  I started searching and found the actual model I wanted and the color i wanted down in denver.  Gave them a call and told them to give me another $500 off to make it worth the drive and to make up for kelli not being able to come and get the graduation incentive of $500.  they said that was cool and I got a price of about $1300 off the sticker price on this car…which was actually an upgraded model of what we were going to buy in Laramie, it was the model I wanted but laramie didn’t have..
so…thus began my journey at about 3:30 down to denver.  Filled up my gas tank and added a quart of oil into my engine and hit the road.  My truck has been a rough adventure for most of the 20 months I have owned it.  vibrations galore…transmission problems…everything!  So I was excited to finally be rid of it.  The Ford dealership was only going to offer the cash for clunkers until they closed Friday night, so i needed to make it to denver that day.  And it was going great…I came up over a hill and could see the new Walmart Distribution center on my left when I suddenly heard and felt a huge clunk!  I saw a piece bounce away in my rear view mirror.  I put the transmission into nuetral and the clunking noises stopped as I pulled over.  I looked under my car and there it was—a destroyed Rear Driveshaft!  Picture included!  The gas tank and muffler were also beat up pretty good from it spinning and hitting everything under my car!

Rear Driveshaft...Destroyed.
Now what do I do!  I have 110 miles left to go, that’s all I need out of this car.  About this time kelli gets off work, I give her instructions to get cash from the bank, I call the salvage yard and tell them to get the part I need ready…kelli picks it up and drives to cheyenne and gives it to me.  She also sneaks me a little hug and kiss…
I installed the rear driveshaft and get on my way again. I had sat for about an hour and a half, and installed it in about 15 min.  Sweet…
driving..driving…driving..watching past fort collins, loveland, broomfield…the car is actually running great with less vibration as a result of the new driveshaft.  (which is lame cause I just had the old one rebalanced and it turns out that was a huge portion of the problem…)   I continue to drive…90 miles to denver…70…40…30 miles from Denver!  Then it happens…my rpms skyrocket and my speedometer skyrockets.  So again I pull over…ready to take a hammer to my car.  i look under the rear again, and see that it is smoking – Oh no, the rear differential must be out of fluid!  Luckily I have some in my truck, I take off the fill screw and pour some in…and it just pours out the other side!  I look and part of the differential has popped some bolts off and so the fluid is just pouring out.  That’s how I lost all my fluid!  Great…all it does now is just spin since the teeth got too hot and busted off.  completely burned up!!
since this is a 4-wheel drive truck, I should be able to just put it in 4-wheel drive and the front differrential will take me down the road, except the 4-wheel drive doesn’t work!!  stink.  all that is wrong is an electric wire needs to be crossed to engage the front differenetial…I have tried the last 6 months to cross that wire..but take 40 min. and try again, then try to take apart the diff and just manual engage it.  Doesn’t work.  I even try to stuff straw into the rear differential just in case it could work as good as sawdust and oil did back in the day of used car scammers!  Nothing works.  I then trace the vacum that engages the front diff up to the top of the engine and try one last thing…hooking those vacums up somewhere to get them pressurized…I jump in the car, start it up, and put it in gear for about the 30th time in the last hour…and it jumps forward!  it worked!!  
So I drive the last 30 miles to the dealership and am the most popular guy at the place cause I am covered in grease…it was all up my arms, hands, all over the front and back of my shirt..  But i made it, and the dealers loved the story!! 
Ok..that’s it, that was just a summary..  I got the car I wanted, the color I wanted, and best of all…the price I wanted!!  wooo!!  enjoy..

Rockin' the car.
With the cash for clunkers, the talk down, and the ford incentives we got a brand new car for around $12,000 including taxes and title and dealership fees…crazy.

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