Some favorite bands/artists.

Couldn’t think of much to write about…my mind is blah today for some reason. It’s the first day of school for me…two days of teacher inservice. I have a headache. I am tired. But really…I am sitting here on my computer typing and also reading books and getting paid…can’t get much better!

I am not the type of person that can really pick a “top” anything. If you were to ask me my favorite movie, I would most likely list 5-10 movies that I really love and tell you why. It is even worse with music…When I was in high school, pretty much all I listened to was punk. This music shaped who I was. I just loved the loud and fast aggression of punk rock. From there I moved into hardcore/metal. At first it was just the music that drew me into that…the screaming/growling was tough at first. But it grew on me and the heaviness and passion that these bands put forth astounded me. During my last year of high school, when I was starting to get into heavier music, I also was discovering “softer” bands that really drew my attention. From then on, I started broadening my scope of music in every direction. I grew to appreciate so much more in music than just having to be loud and fast. I downloaded a guy playing hynms just on his piano…I downloaded a folksly songwriter…just random genres!

That is just a brief little look into my musical tastes. I am looking at that paragraph and kind of thinking that it really does not actually say a whole lot about what I like! that’s ok, I will let the artists and descriptions speak to that…

These artists are not in any order, I am just writing them as I think of them…click on their name to listen on their myspace.

ThriceThis band kills. They have everything. They started out very fast punk…metal guitar riffs…and emerged after a few years with a very aggressive rock record. It was heavy, it was intense, and very passionate. But with every record they have completely reinvented themselves. They are one of the most creative bands I have ever listened to. They also work together as a band better than any other band I have heard. There is not a cheif songwriter…the drummer writes guitar riffs…the guitar players write drum parts…they all have a piece in the music. With their continually evolving sound, they have touched parts of every genre it seems. And they do it well…wether they are screaming at the top of their lungs over guitar riffs or just softly singing over a single guitar note, they do everything with as much passion as they can. To even further speak to who they are…the lead singer writes some of the best lyrics ever. He is a christian, and it comes out in what he writes…a lot. I have read many interviews with musicians who talk about being christians…and they also talk about just writing about what is going on in their lives…but faith is not coming out in their music at all. So is it a part of their lives? That needs to be saved for another post as it is an ongoing debate in my mind… anyways…dustin kensrue reads. He is inspired by stories in the Bible, inspiried by everything he sees in life. Many of his lyrics have drawn me closer to God. He writes in such a beautiful way that pushes me to think about my own faith more and at the same time lends itself to such hope. I love these guys….

Cool Hand Luke – Not only the name of a great Paul Newman movie, but the name of a great band as well. These days, this band is basically the brain-child of Mark Nicks. He plays piano, he is a very influential drummer, he writes amazing songs, and he loves the Lord. Fairly mellow, but passionate music. Part questions. Part worship. I don’t know how many times I have put the cd “Fires of Life” into my cd player while driving home from a concert at 2 in the morning and just been drawn into the prescence of God. Musically, they are indie-rock, which I don’t really even know what that means enough to write about that…but I guess I could describe it as: creatively doing something simple, if that means anything. Even though some of their stuff is far from simple. So that is probably not the best description. Cool Hand Luke combines haunting guitar parts, with intricate/creative drums, and beautiful melodic vocals. Just great, great music and even better lyrics.

I guess that’s all I will write about for now. It is hard to sit down and write about bands that I love and bands that have shaped who I am as a musicians, person, and a christian. It is difficult. I could have gone into much more depth about these bands, but I didn’t think it would be worth the space…they are just too good.


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