Track 9.

I am rushing through this to get all the lyrics and stuff posted…I am really excited about this song and just wanted to share it!  Looking back on the theme of the album…I had the first two tracks talking about finding my worth in works and in track 3 – God saying that works are not enough- but he still loves me and made a way for me…  the album moves on from there along the same lines of talking about grace, works, perfection, desiring God, etc…Finally on track 8, I lay it all out – I fear God’s judgement in light of my mistakes.  And then Track 9 hits and I keep going with that.  In my mind, I wonder if my fears are actually coming true.  And then God answers.  I feel like this track is the climax of the whole album.  It was that last bit of lyrics I wrote and I really struggled with writing them.  And finally, while driving back from Cheyenne about a week ago – I was hit with the lyrics I needed.

The song actually goes back and forth between my own thoughts and God’s thoughts.  So I invited my friend Burke to sing the vocals on the God parts.  It just seemed to make more sense having a different voice since the lyrics were going back and forth.  He chipped in and helped out with the last few lines of the lyrics as well, which was fun too!  So we recorded it yestereday…it turned out awesome, and I am super stoked for it.

Track 9

I feel my voice is leaving now
My hands, they cease to feel
Could this be the start
(As talent sneaks away)

Have you taken my love
Left me talentless
Still running towards my crimes

Oh Son
Don’t live ashamed
Don’t live in fear
Live as the free

For you know my love
Conquers all
Conquers all
Still I made…
I made you to be more

I found my hope was leaving now
I have refused to seek you
I have refused to fight
You tell me I am not alone
I guess I believe it
I guess I can’t follow it
It’s just that I have always
Preferred to do things on my own
Again I fall short

Just Breathe.
Find my love
I know you fail
When you fail, oh when you fail
I love
More than you can believe
Just see

So take my life
I know it’s not the first or the last
Time I commit every thought to you
So take my life
I can only hope
I am not too far gone

You feel you’re too far gone
But I can tell you son
I still choose to love
I love you in your darkest times
When you turn away
Your darkest thoughts
When they consume you
Oh I will love you
Son, I have always loved you


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Track 8.

Almost done recording, gotta catch up on recording stuff here.  Track 8 is one of the most honest songs I have ever written.  All my songs are very honest, but this one even steps it up.  It is about leaning on works instead of grace – and this fear that if I mess up enough times that God will take some of the things that I love the most away from me. Balance that with thinking I need to be perfect to be in a position of leadership.  It is a little more depressing…but the two tracks following it are very uplifting.

Track 8

Breath.  As you sing along.
It’s time to lead.
It’s time to be strong

Don’t let them see you now
For what you are worth
It’s assumed –
They could not ignore the dirt

Pretend.  That you are still strong
But really…you are just so afraid
Of failures found out

If I can’t be free
Could talent just leave?
Would my best be gone
Would this love be taken away

Would you take it all away
If I don’t turn around
Would you take it all away
If I just can’t turn around

I have always looked
I have always failed
I run two steps away everytime
I cannot lead
I cannot be you
Oh I worry
Would you take it all
If you take it all away
Could I still breath

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Although I cannot pick a favorite song of all the songs I have written over the years, I would say Track 7 is very close.  About seven years ago I wrote a song called I Found.  It represented some struggles in my faith, but a shining hope in the love of Christ.  It was the closest thing to a worship song I had written at the time (prob still!).  A few years later, I was in a different spot in my walk and wanted to write a song about that, as well as write an acoustic song for the final track on the final Another Dream album.

Songwriting normally takes me a long time…I work on the music for months and then move on and work on the lyrics for a while.  But this song.  This song was written in one setting.  I sat down and basically wrote the lyrics from beginning to end as I wrote the music. It was awesome.  It ended up being very similar in style, chords, and lyrics to the song I Found I had written 3 years earlier.

To me it feels like an “update on where I am”.  I found was where I was standing seven years ago.  Desire was where I was standing three years ago and still represents me today.  Originally an acoustic track…the new version has much more instrumentation and I must say – it rocks.

I am very proud of this song and am very excited for people to hear this song soon…


Pray for – Desire
To pursue – Heaven’s face
Closed eyes – my prayers have been
Nothing more than sleeping games
From a sleeping heart tired of this game

I Found Love.

When my pursuits froze into place
When God meant nothing more to me
My faith fell asleep
My faith fell asleep

When desires of fame became my life
When my world pushed my God aside
I was sleeping sound
I was sleeping sound

When I was pouring gasoline
On bridges between God and me
When I was lost in sin
When I was lost

Heaven’s Love came down for me
Heaven’s Son He died for me
And I found He loves.
He loves.

I Found Love.

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Four Grace.

Song I wrote 3-4 years ago.  Ended up being a really cool thing – somehow it became completely based around the number four:

4 chords
4 notes strummed per chord
4 verses
4 lines per verse
4 syllables per line (roughly)
And – the Capo is on the fourth fret!

If only I could have made it so it was track four on the cd!  Does not fit there though, ha.  So it is track 6.

I do not usually write metaphorically or cryptically…but this one just happened that way I guess. 3 verses present a story…and each line of the fourth verse resolves that story.  The idea of beauty growing out of pain/loss.

Four Grace

Flames burn so far
Through trees so green
Watch as trees fall
Watch as trees die

Wind blows so hard
On seas with fear
Waves are too high
Waves take us down

Rain falls  so soft
And drowns all life
Like tears of God
Like pain Like loss

Life starts in ash
In deep sunk wrecks
Vows in the sky
Grace writes it’s name

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…there is love.

Decided to add an acoustic track onto the end of a song.  It is an acoustic version of an Another Dream song from our final cd.  I have been playing it live a bit when I have done acoustic shows and it seemed to really fit in both musically and lyrically with everything else here.  So I recorded it tonight.

I also decided to do it all “live”.  I set up three mics and pressed record.  I did 4-5 takes and kept the final take.  So there are a few tiny mistakes on it, but I really wanted the feel I get when I am just playing and singing it without thinking about anything else.  I could have instead, just recorded the acoustic guitar…maybe layered it…and added vocals…but I did not feel like I could capture the performance I wanted unless I recorded just me and my guitar.  So that is what I did.  And I think it sounds pretty killer!!

There is Love

There’s voices here
In-between the rustling leaves
Between the creature’s hateful stares
Melodies. Melodies.
Voices in the distance.
Voices by our side

You try to sing
But some won’t let you
Some won’t let you in
Some – they – have no forgiveness
So you decide –
– God’s love’s a myth.

There is love still after all these things
And grace is more than a word to make us smile
It’s the truth of love we don’t deserve
Still it’s in our hearts
It’s our hearts that remain clean

We took steps towards loneliness
Though we thought that is was love
We walked away from light
We traded trust
Until we turned our thoughts

Oh is this who you thought you would be
After footsteps disappeared we found out lost
We’re all so lost.

Is this the voice of God?
Is there love inside these woods?
I’m ready to give up now
If love is true come down
With open arms.

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How Strong is Your Grace

Finished Tracks 3, 4, & 5 (I think..)  Here are the lyrics for track number 4.  I originally wrote this for acoustic after struggling through a passage my friend Matt was teaching on for church.  mostly questions and crap.  I couldn’t quite get the same feel on a few of the lines that I had on a demo I recorded a few years ago, but I think it is ok.  I just could not get myself to pronounce it with the same inflections I had previously, but I am sure I am the only one that will notice!

Really hoping to be done with all the recording by spring break (four weeks..)  Considering tossing one of the songs though and doing an acoustic song I have instead.  We’ll see…


How strong is Your grace

How strong is Your grace
Strong enough to take our place 
In guilt of sin

How strong is Your grace
There’s people I can’t love
There’s people I won’t love

How deep is Your love
Does it reach into a murderer’s thoughts
and grant him grace

How deep is Your love
Are we saved by works
Is it all we’ve done
Are we saved by all the good we’ve done

I am a murder
A robber
named a liar and a thief
But on Damascus’ road

And Calvary’s cross
I met my God

I looked in Jesus’ eyes
into my savior’s eyes

I said, “Lord – can You love me”
“Can You love this mess – of sinfullness”
Because I’ve been told by some
That You could not forgive me

Please love me. 

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As you are.

Vocals done on track #2.  Finishing up the lyrics for the third song today so I can record them this next week.  This song was hard for me to write – I am very inward focused when I write songs – everything is from my perspective.  I wanted to have at least one track on this cd that was written more from God’s or a father’s perspective.  I am neither of those things, but I wanted a song that was more encouraging in the midst of failures.  I have tried before and everytime I just felt the words ended up cheesy or forced or something…and there are prob moments of that on this third track, but I feel comfortable that these are the words that need to be there.

As you are.

You ask if there is love in Me
You ask if I can still see you through your scars
Don’t stop fighting now – you’re not alone
Don’t stop fighting now – you should know:

I love you.
I love you.
I love always.

You’re running towards perfection
You’re chasing him with works
It will never be enough to live
It will never be enough.

I made a way for you to live
But still you choose to die
The words I spoke were filled with life
Your eyes still seek demise
Yet I love.
And Grace still calls your name
You will see love
Despite your scars
I love you son
I love you as you are

Begin to look around you’ll see
That love is always there
Reaching for you.
Reaching for you.
Begin to look around and see
That love is always there
It’s not your works
That make me love.

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Lyrics. Singing.


Time to get back into it this week.  Been working on lyrics the last couple months and am going to start making time for recording the vocals.  This song is a continuation of an Another Dream track from a few years ago and will be track two on the cd.

This is War (Wolves Part II)

Stepping down beside the stream
I watch as sticks float
Down and out of sight
Out of mind
Is there peace for my heart
Can I let my failures float away
Or do they drown with me

Standing on the edge of one more look
As claws begin to cut the air
Approaching towards my throat

I know – I know

That this is war
Against my heart

This is not love
This is more than I can fight against
This is not love
This is sharpened claws
They make a mess of me

Will you remember me
Will you see through my scars
(I don’t look like all I should be..)

Will you still want me
Will you still love me


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Bass Guitar Done.


Spent Wednesday night & Thursday recording bass tracks.  It is pretty cool adding bass to a project as it really brings the songs to life.  Bass is one of those things that you really do not notice a whole lot until you take it away (or add it and realize how awesome it makes a song).  I also re-did the ending to the final track.  Played four of these songs a few weeks ago and while we were practicing for it, the drummer and guitar player accidently came in at the wrong spot – and it was magic.  It was what that song needed and was pretty rock and roll.  So I could not stand it and went back to the recordings and am going to change that part.

Have to redo the guitar parts for the end of that song and a few other small things here and there, but I am very, very close to being done with all the instruments.

Still need to write lyrics for some songs and then start recording the vocal parts.  Singing with the tracks is my absolute favorite part of the whole process.  The lyrics and vocals are really where my heart is expressed (even though I put a lot of my soul into the instruments as well).  So I am very excited for the last ingredient, but also know it is going to be probably as much work to do the vocals as all of the other parts combined – because it is the forefront of everything and it needs to be right.

Interested in hearing some samples of the songs:

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Perfection & Grace.

On October 21st I will be playing 20 min of these songs that I have been working on for the last six months.  Really excited to have put together a stellar crew to help represent the songs the way that they have been in my head and took shape as they were recorded.  Here is the info:

Almost done with the lyrics to these songs and thought I should share the opening (and most likely title) track of the cd:

Still waiting for a few more words for some of the other songs and need to finish a few more instrument parts (bass).  Hope to post something soon for people to hear.  For now – just come to the show!

Perfection & Grace

I am from a place
Where I cannot escape
Perfection’s gaze.
Perfection’s chase
I worked too hard and only hoped it was enough.
I am now told Perfection
has lost his voice.

I have found my name on the lips of Grace
Far too much.
I wonder if Her voice gets tired
or even lost
Is whispering enough?
I know my life is such a mess
Can love still heal me?

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